High-quality Hemp Products from Switzerland

Loic Aubonney
Jan 20, 2020

At uWeed’s online CBD Shop, you can purchase a wide range of CBD hemp products from everywhere in Switzerland. In our wide portfolio, you will find different CBD products from more than 25 Swiss manufacturers. Cannabis may still have a strange aftertaste for many people. However, you can purchase all our hemp products completely legally. The reason is, that in contrast to the infamous THC compound of the cannabis plant, Cannabidiol / CBD does not cause intoxication. It simply is not psychoactive. Hemp and marijuana are brother and sister but not the same.

CBD Hemp Products ediblesMany people now integrate CBD Hemp products into their everyday lives. They do so, to treat, cure, or prevent certain medical conditions. Most of them have enjoyed the benefits of hemp, as CBD has an influence on our endocannabinoid system. Furthermore, no side-effects have been reported back.  The reports notably talk about improvements in mental illnesses, an increase in general well-being, and the alleviation of pain. 

You have to find out individually whether CBD products can also help you. Everyone is different and it is surely not a magical substance meant to prevent any diseases. Our experienced staff will be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable hemp products from Switzerland. We would also recommend you to talk with your medical doctor and discuss with him/her your current situation as well as the suitability of CBD hemp products for your individual case.

The largest selection of CBD Hemp products – at uWeed


uWeed, specializes in the sale of high-quality CBD hemp products. We offer a large selection of different hemp products from Switzerland in our online shop. Only products with the highest quality standards reach our CBD Shop. Our manufacturers process the best kind of plants in their products and their THC content is regularly checked by certified laboratories to ensure that only products with a maximum THC content of 1% are offered on uWeed. 

\The cultivation of industrial hemp plants does not neglect the environment either as our manufacturers do not use any pesticides or herbicides at all. In uWeed’s CBD Shop you will find high-quality hemp products in various shapes and forms. You will have to find out which product best suits your personal needs but if you have any questions, our experienced employees will be happy to help you select what could work best for you.

Our products convince by Quality and Price

In our online CBD shop, you can buy high-quality CBD hemp products at the best price. Our CBD Shop offers you everything your heart desires. In addition to CBD oil, made of hemp extracts, you will also find hemp seeds as well as Cannabidiol buds with different CBD concentrations. But that is not all, there are also skin care products, hemp teas, and edibles such as gummy bears or chewing gums with CBD. Thanks to tight controls, only the highest quality products reach our online shop. 

Once you have made your choice and selected your preferred hemp products, you will receive your parcel the very next day and for free (if your cart value is above CHF 49.-). If you are looking for high-quality CBD hemp products, no need to look further, uWeed is the right place. You can buy hemp products from us, all of which come from Switzerland and are produced under environmentally friendly conditions. Thus we offer you CBD products at the best price-performance ratio. Take a look at our online shop and convince yourself of the variety and quality of our products.


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