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Rum - CBD Oil 6%

SFr. 49.90


  • CBD level: 6%
  • Dissolved in 100% organic and cold-pressed hemp nut oil
  • No alcohol
  • Flavor: Rum
  • THC level < 1%
  • Bottle size: 10 ml


Rum tastes best on its own, but we are making an exception. We have added some full-flavored rum aroma to our CBD oil. It will have everyone hooked.

The main ingredient of our liquid drops is CBD essence. We make our CBD essence from 100% organic buds grown in Switzerland, without the use of herbicides and pesticides. The essence with CBD level of 6% is then dissolved in our organic and cold-pressed hemp nut oil.

All of ZUYA’s products are made in Switzerland. A lot of work and passion goes into our products that are made from 100% Swiss hemp. Our fields can be found high up in the Valais Alps and in the rolling hills of Schaffhausen.