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What does weed legalisation look like in different countries?

Posted on May 11 2018

With a push towards the legalization of weed, there are about as many models for
its legalization as there are countries. These range from authorizing the use of
medical marijuana to aboloshing all laws. Even those prohibiting recreational use.
That said, the issue can still be difficult to navigate.

With legalization though, comes standardization and regulations. And this is good
for you, the consumer. A well implemented weed legalization model means
standardization of other aspects of the process. Things like cultivation,
manufacturing, distrubution and quality controls. Not to mention the positive
economic impacts for local communities.

Legalization is a win-win for all. Consumers can buy a quality product. Local
communities benefit from a financial boost. And the local authorities not only get
money from taxes, but also lower the costs from policing and prosecuting
misdemeanour crimes.

To see what the various legalization models look like in different countries, you can
check out the nifty infographic in the link below. In the meantime, head over to our uWeed store for a variety of completely legal cannabis products delivered straight to your door.

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