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The worst things that happened to stoned people

Posted on April 12 2018

Ok, so we have all heard of (or experienced...) the infamous whitey. That horrible
feeling when you get hit right between the eyes from smoking a little bit too much
weed. It can happen to anyone at any time... The world starts spinning. You go all cold and clammy. You do not feel your best... And, well, the rest is generally
considered to be “history” as they say...

Then Chow from the Hangover comes to mind... “Yeah... But did you die?”

Obviously, the answer is “No”. Cannabis is probably one of the safest substances out
there. Seriously, no one has EVER died from smoking weed – not even when they
have smoked too much. The worst that can happen is that your fun time turns into
a less fun time... Check out this collection of hilarious stories from people who
started off having a great time before whiting out.

That said, our lower THC products here at uWeed are way less likely to get you into
this type of awkwardness. Head on over to our shop and try it for yourself.

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