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How legal is weed really in Switzerland?

Posted on June 29 2018

Along with cheese, chocolates and chalets, Switzerland has now introduced weed
into the mix of things to do in Switzerland. Even though there are talks towards
relaxing weed laws even more, as it stands now, you can legally buy weed with a
THC content that’s around the 1% mark. That is 0.8% more than in most other
European countries (that even includes the weed Valhalla that’s the Netherlands).

Not exactly the high THC containing strains sold on the black market... But the
legally available weed is nothing to scoff at. The lower THC content still gives you a
wonderfully mellow buzz. And it is excellent for treating pain and conditions such
as anxiety.

Why don’t you head on over to our uWeed shop and try some for yourself? You
might be surprised at what you find! We deliver straight to your door meaning our
service is just as mellow as our products!

To read more about the specifics surrounding the legalities of weed in Switzerland...

Read more here.


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