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CBD Misconceptions: Rediscover What You Thought You Already Knew

Posted on March 15 2018

If you haven't heard of CBD yet, where’ve you been? CBD’s been high on the Swiss market (and many others) since early 2017 and this has sprouted a plethora of potential for budding entrepreneurs. But due to its popularity, a path of misconception has been paved. Let me explain:

Many have stated:
“CBD is medical. THC is recreational”
“CBD is most effective without THC”
“CBD is legal in all 50 states”

Understand, these claims are like rumors. They’re easy to accept and they spread like smoke. But dig deep and the truth surfaces from the soil of fallacy. Not only does CBD achieve peak performances when THC’s involved, it can also be used recreationally to soothe your spirits. Best of all, after you consume CBD your body virtually…

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