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13 Remarkable CBD Benefits for a Healthier Happier You

Posted on June 15 2018

As you know, CBD conducts an orchestra of medical benefits with no psychoactive properties - consistently. Meaning you won’t be slammed by that “stoned” feeling.
With it’s recent fame, you may wonder what separates CBD from other cannabinoids...

1) CBD - Your Power Punch of Antioxidants

These antioxidants prevent free radicals from inflicting chaos within your temple of stability. They combat chronic inflammation and barricade your brain cells from oxidised species.

2) Soothes Chronic Pain like a Burst of Relief 

Nothing's worse than stiff, anguish stricken muscles. While over the counter supplements exist, health issues may arise from these medications. CBD practically eliminates acute pain, neuropathic pain, chronic pain and postoperative pain. Leaving your body in a supple yet relaxed state of existence.

3) CBD - Calciums Distant Cousin?

Ever broken or fractured a bone? It’s extremely painful but here’s the good news. Did you know that CBD aids in your bones recovery process? Results from one study point out CBD’s key role in collagen crosslinking. It helps your battered bones restore their vitality - rapidly.

4) CBD Helps Treat

As CBD’s popularity expands so does its medicinal discoveries. One key component of this particular cannabidiol is it’s weird ability to...

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